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SLU-SNT - Summary Text


Urban Landscape Survey of the city of Santos, São Paulo, Brazil [2015]

The result of this ULS arises from a methodological approach to the visual survey of the city of Santos. For this purpose, the area was divided into seven sectors aligned to the topology defined by the channels. The relative area of each sector was used to determine the quantity of blocks that should be surveyed in each case.


The collected urban fragments were processed, categorized and reinterpreted in a new visual map of the city conceived as a space that coexists between the beach and the mountain. 


The presented work is a systematic and representative approach to the urban landscape of the city of Santos commissioned for ECO 2014 - a gathering of photographic collectives from Latin America & Spain.

SLU-SNT - Full Text

Photography: Martin Herrera Soler. Design: Verónica Borsani. Produced by Dokumental (Uruguay) and Cooperativa Sub (Argentina) collectives in May 2015. Edición: Fosi Vegue (Blankpaper Collective - Spain).


Acknowledgements: Claudí Carrera and Iata Cannabrava.  

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