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Nomade - Summary Text

Nómade [nó - ma - de]

Nomad [‘nõ - mad]

He who roams the territory collecting urban fragments with the intention of creating his
own space, one that more gently connects with his fragmented immigrant identity.

Makig of VIdeo Nomade
Nomade - Full Text

Making the Nómade (Nomad) photo book. 

This project would have been my MFA thesis for the Harford MFA Program. Due to personal circumstances and choices, I did not complete the last semester. However, I wanted to complete the project, which was always thought out as a photo book project. In this case, it is an artist book consisting of 24 copies, signed and numbered by the artist.


The issue number 1 is an itinerant book. Its trip starts when I loan it. He | she who receives it, commits to read the book and share it with another person. Using the included QR code, the reader is able to report the geographical location of the traveling book. This will generate a series of points that together will define a new trace. The path created by this copy will be the starting point for my next project.


This book is dedicated to my father and my mother, whom without intending, through their example, instilled in me a love for architecture and the urban space.


My deepest gratitude to Clara and Manu, who generously and patiently supported me in this long creative search. To Diego and Darío, who have been both, an unconditional pillar on which I have been able to build this project. 

And finally, to my dear community of Hartford where this journey began. To Robert Lions, Jörg Colberg, Michael Vahrenwald, Nicole Rosenthal, Cody Holcombe, Eugénie Frerichs, Kelly Lynn James, Jenia Fridlyand, Aaron Hardin, Josh Watson, Matt Eich, Nate Grann, Ariella Gibson, Lory Lynn, Peter Morse, Mary Frey, Doug Dubois, Wiebke Loeper, Alec Soth, Rory Sparks, Steve Smith, Alice Rose George, Michael Schäfer, John Priola, and Hannes Wanderer. 

Nómade Book. Self Published Limited Edition of 24 issues. 

Photography & edit Martin Herrera Soler. 

Editorial Design underbau (ES). 

Prepress Darío Invernizzi (UY). 

Printing FP Compañía Impresora (AR). 

Binding Ohja Encuadernaciones (AR). 

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