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A place where past and present coexist in a singular and contradictory way

(Nov 2010)

In an era marked by immediacy and the decisive wish to prioritize the modern and the technologic, the workers of the workshop are proud to continue to use, still, the same tools brought by the British in 1800, and to put them away in precisely the same places.


Peñarol is a tribute to the Uruguayan idiosyncrasy to look to the past, to remember who we were and where we came from, but it is also a relentless standard of determination and defiance to the modernization that is being imposed. It is a reminder that not everything new is better, that change may not be the only valid choice for us to project ourselves in this new century.  

Penarol - Summary Text
Penarol - Full Text

Produced by Dokumental. Credits: Diego Vidart & Martin Herrera. Photographs in this site by Martin Herrera. 


Publication: LFI – Leica Fotografie International (January 2012 issue). 

Recognition: FestFotoPoA (International Photography Festival of Porto Alegre.   

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