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1587 - Summary Text


An intimate journey into parenthood (Aug 2007 ~ May 2013)

August 2007.

We decided to have a baby.

4 failed inseminations.

1 incomplete invitro.

Tens of studies.

1587 days later.

1587 - Full Text

Let changes just happen as they happen.  All you have to do is keep your eye on your goal and keep moving forward toward it, regardless of whatever else seems to be going on in your life.  As you do this, the changes will just come about naturally for you – they won’t be forced or ‘pushed’.  


John Roger



This project was initially conceived as a diary, a text-based narrative accompanied by images that I created throughout the process of Clara and I trying to get pregnant.   


This was a long process, and through out it, photography evolved to be the means by which I observed myself and confronted my most grueling fears - the most competent tool to face that which I was not able to brave in any other way.  


As this experience settled in, I became ready to share this work in book form, and that’s how 1587 came to fruition, a series examining my personal relationship and fears of parenthood, using the photographic image as a way to not only document but also to synthesize and understand my life as it moves forward.  

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