Before I start, I should state that this book is by no means a political or social statement, but rather a collection of impressions gathered throughout a three-day visit to old Havana.

Considering the recent events and changes taking place in Cuba, I am profoundly grateful I decided to go when I did, even if it was for such a short time. I feel I got to see and register the revolution ‘as it was intended to be’ or at least something closer to it.

The appreciation, the sense of belonging and pride that Cubans have for their land was perhaps what stood out the most for me of the trip.

June 2010


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  • Alcides.
  • Gym.
  • Obrapía 204.
  • Caught!
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  • Mario.
  • Malecon 2.
  • Panadería | Bakery
  • Encarnito.
  • Fidelina.
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  • Fashion.
  • Regla.
  • Joy.
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