Pueblo Eden.

Last June Clara and I took a weekend-off and headed East towards Punta del Este for a quick getaway.  On the way we stopped by Pueblo Eden to have lunch at La Posta de Vaimaca, named in tribute to the last know Charrúa chief, Vaimaca Perú.  The place is simple and the food, from the bread to the the filling of the pasta, are all home made.  As warned by the large size in the entrance, you are in for a treat in slow food, and slow it is.  Although I find myself used to this kind of more laid back eating approach, I have to admit I found it a bit too slow.  Part of the issue for me was that the arrangement it’s not comfortable enough to spend a long time seating down.  The food was good.  I am under the impression that you are better off eating the specialty meats rather than the pasta, which is probably made to handle vegetarians and those not inclined for red meat.

Photo: The Church in Pueblo Eden, Maldonado, Uruguay.  Shot with an iPhone and processed with Snapseed. By: Martin Herrera Soler

Yes, there is a main plaza, just like any town outside Montevideo it’s expected to have, if it wants to be called a town.  On one side it’s the school, and on the other the church, as expected.  I don’t recall if the police station is also there, as it ‘should’ to be fully compliant with the default structure of most towns in Uruguay.

This image was made in the West side of the main plaza (Plaza del Eden) on ‘El Sabía’ street, the one you take to get to the Vaimaca eatery.  If you’ve never been there, I think it’s worth a visit.  It’s a fun side trip on your way East.  Keep you expectations moderate and enjoy!