Peñarol project published in F-STOP Magazine.

Peñarol (a project by Diego Vidart & Martin Herrera Soler for the collective Dokumental) was published in F-STOP Magazine, Issue 54 focused on Latin America Photography. Together with over ninety other bodies of work about Latin America, some by ‘local’ photographers and others from outside the region, this is a powerful collection of contemporary Latin America photography.  You can see the list of contributors in here as well as the group show in here.  Enjoy!  m.


Photo: School party.  Kids from the morning shift in the Peñarol neighborhood school dance to the music of the police band.  


Photo: Break.  An AFE garage worker texting during a mid-day recess in Peñarol, Montevideo, Uruguay.  A stark contrast between the new and the old. 


Photo: 12.50.  Abandoned wagons in AFE train garage in Peñarol neighborhood, Montevideo, Uruguay.