The new year…

 Photo: A view of the Ferris Wheel in the Santa Monica Peer taken with the iPhone and processed in Snapseed.  By: Martin Herrera Soler


If you are from this part of the world, you know well that for most Uruguayans the year starts after the Holly Week has passed.  And even thought this has been slowly and gradually changing over time, it remains fundamentally true in many ways (perhaps more on this unusual aspect of our culture at some other time).  But for a different reason, I feel that my year is just starting.  In my particular case, because it pretty much never ended.  I went straight from a very intense end of the year to an even more intense beginning of 2012.

In January I spent two weeks in Antigua, Guatemala working for The Julia Dean Photo Workshops assisting Phil Borges in a portrait for NGOs workshop.  It was an awesome experience with an exciting and fun group of people.  I loved spending fifteen days simply breathing, talking and doing photography.  And besides Antigua and it’s surroundings are an inspiring location to make images.

I got back to Montevideo on a Sunday, and the following day two US based photographers, Dan Milnor and Larry Hayden arrived to work for ten straight days in a collaborative project with Dokumental, the multimedia production company founded by Diego Vidart and myself (big part of my focus of 2011).  This was in fact a Latitude34South travel workshop that mutated into a collaborative experiment.  Diego and I have experimented a lot with shared projects and that is in fact the working premise of Dokumental.  This time we are taking it further and expanding on the concept of collaboration.  A couple of weeks from now we will start to work on the shared edit merging different views, perspectives, equipment and the challenge to edit virtually from different parts of the world.  I’m excited and looking forward to this process.  I’ll share more as I go throughout it.

And only a week after they left, just as I was getting a sense of settling down, I took of for ten days to California to attend my cousin’s wedding and to reconnect with the photographic community that I so much miss.  It was an awesome trip, intense for sure, but full of opportunities to meet and engage with friends and exciting photographers and filmmakers.  I learned and enjoyed being back in my old home town.  Felt different.  But it felt really good as well.

Los Angeles (LAX).

Photo: The new ember of the family.  Tiancito.  I met him for the first time during this trip.  By: Martin Herrera Soler

I’m finally back and starting to look at all the work I produced over this period of time.  As I do, I’ll start to share some of it.  Not all.  Some will be shared in its final form once it gets built into the final outcome of their respective projects.  I can tell you that was exciting to be for such a long, non stop, period of time, spending all day with photographers.  A new experience for me.  I don’t think I have been as ‘social’ and spent so much time with people in any other moment of my life.  But it was rewarding and exciting, and most of all full of deep moving learnings.  A topic for another time…

Thanks for dropping by and keep stay in touch.  I hope you have started an exciting 2012 as well.  Blessings.  m.