Photo: Chair – Carboneras.  By: Martin Herrera Soler

Continuing the work of Peñarol, Diego, my partner at Dokumental and I set ourselves to document las ‘carboneras‘.  This is a quite large piece of land where once the British would make gas out of coal.  It’s right on the coast of downtown Montevideo, overseeing the Rio de la Plata (River Plate) in perhaps one of the most privileged spots in all the rambla.  It was abandoned many years ago, and it’s a surreal place filled with dormant stories.  Diego has started to approach the people that used to work in this location and we are in the midsts of conceptualizing what looks like the collective’s next documentary essay.

In the meantime we created some stills and video to play with the location.  It’s a place marked by the passage of time, and the more I engage with them, the more I like these locations.  I love uncovering the stories in the rundown architecture and the details left behind by the last to inhabit this place.  Check out the video Diego put together.