Photo: W.  Union Square, New York.  By: Martin Herrera Soler. 

Las August we visited New York.  It was perhaps one of the best vacations Clara and I have had.  I struggled before on ho to balance vacations and couple’s time with photography.  Of course I always had my camera with me, but before getting there I thought I could perhaps conceptualize and make a project, or right and extensive and dedicated travelogue of my trip.  It turns out I did none.  I relaxed and took a fair amount of pictured but in a totally random and non purposeful way.  Perhaps the fact that this year I did not work for the corporate world and has been spent as a full time photographer, made me reconsider  what my vacations needed to be?  In any case, this image was created with my iPhone which I found a wonderful camera to have with me while traveling.  It’s as discreet as it gets, and produces wonderful images that you can post process and share right from the phone.  Not a Leica by any stretch of the imagination, but for sure has its place in my photographic life.