Peñarol in book form!

Images from the Pen?arol neighborhood, Montevideo, Uruguay.  ..One of the few young employees in the AFE garage repairing and active locomotive in Pen?arol, Montevideo, Uruguay. (Martin Herrera Soler)

Photo: One of the few young employees in the AFE garage repairing and active locomotive in Peñarol, Montevideo, Uruguay.  By: Martin Herrera Soler.

There is just something different about seeing your images printed.  And when they are printed in a book form, well, then we are talking a whole different deal.  Diego and I have been working on the Peñarol book for a while now.  We are glad to share that it is now available in the Blurb Bookstore .  Yes, that means you can actually buy it and it will arrive to your front door via a courier (I have tried it twice and the trackable shipment arrives to Uruguay without any problems).  The book is  106 pages, with 71 images printed on premium luster finish paper with an hard bound image wrarp finish.  I guess it’s hard to be objective when we have devoted so much time and love into it, but it’s freaking awesome and it will look great on your coffee table!  It’s not an inexpensive book, mainly driven by the cost to print, the large size (30×30) and the sheer quantity of images.  We will make available and ebook version sometime down the road.  But, it’s never like the printed version!

The creation process has been fascinating and quite rich in learnings!  It does not cease to surprise me just how much work goes into creating a book.  Assuming you have the body of work and your project statement (which is no minor feat in itself), then comes the editing, the sequencing and all the design aspects associated with creating a compelling book (font, color palette, layout, etc.).  If that is not enough, then you must post process the images to ensure they come out looking as good on paper as they do on your monitor screen.  The process took us well over six months, with obvious breaks along the way!

That being said, it’s an extremely fulfilling process, and it’s even more exciting to hold in your hands the fruit of your vision and work!  I will be sharing a lot of the learnings of the process over time in this site, and we have incorporated much of the knowledge of how to turn your vision into the narrative of a book in the upcoming travel workshop to be held in Montevideo, Colonia and Buenos Aires.