Day One… Journaling in the Digital Age!

A few days ago I came across a wonderfully simple, elegant and useful application for the mac, iPhone and iPad called ‘Day One‘.  In essence it’s a digital version of a journal.  A simple notebook to jot down ideas, thoughts, feelings (if you have them or know where they are), or simply anything that comes to mind.

For some, journaling it’s an intrinsic part of their lives.  When I did my masters in psychology I did quite a bit of it, but always found it ‘out of place’ for me.  I decided to buy this app because the moment I saw it, beyond the fact that’s beautifully designed (an important factor in my app selection process), I had a hunch that it could work for me.  So far, three days into it, I am excited beyond measure for an activity I could never conceived I would be excited about.

As in many other areas of my life, and more specifically in photography, I have learned that in order to venture into new and uncharted territories, specially if they are far from my comfort zone (as creativity was when I started to photograph), technology it’s always a great bridge for me.  When I started to photograph, all I could really relate to was the gear, the workflow, the software and any other technical aspect, but the creativity and feelings associated with the image making process.  For many years, many indeed, my head has been trained to excel in those circumstances.  Only after several years of dwelling in this area have I began to explore the more intimate, sensible and creative aspects of my craft.

In a sense, something similar is happening with journaling.  I’ll tell you what’s working for me:

  • It’s very simple to create an entry in the journal.
  • I have approach journaling as an intimate process, where I don’t need to create a masterpiece every time I write.  I just dump my brain into it, close it and move on.
  • I love looking at the journal.  It’s a nice pice of software, and I feel so proud of seeing entries in the journal.  It’s like I am a new man, one that can journal!  Perhaps this means nothing to you, but in my world, journaling it’s a cool thing.
  • The fact that it’s in all my devices and seamlessly synchronized it’s certainly a powerful enabler.  A thought comes to my mind, I open the app in the mac, the iPad (ideal for bathroom inspirations) or iPhone and I can simply write it down.  Plain and simple.

It’s fascinating to see what has happened since I started journaling.  I find myself much more aware of my though process and feelings.  Things that before crossed my mind and got lost in the rumble and mess of daily life, now have a place to go to.  They are recorded and thus assimilated.  Feelings I don’t know what to do with, they also go into the journal.  And when all this gets combined together with time and perspective, I even feel that I am growing in awareness and wisdom…  All for such a minimum price!

In a nutshell, check it out!  I love it, and I hope the developer keeps it simple.  The more features the less I might use it.  Let me know how it goes!  I am curious if it works for you as it has for me…