Felix, Gladys and Rover… by Elliot Erwitt.

Long before I knew photography was in my path, and even before I knew who Elliot Erwitt or Magnum where, I came across this image in the form of a postcard.  I love dogs, and the moment I saw this image, I was struck.  At the time I was delighted by the simplicity and the sense of humor.  In perspective, is of of those images that when I see it I feel ‘I wish I had made that image’.  To this day, is one of the few images – that it’s not of my creation – hanged in my work environment (I have plenty of photography books, but very few images from other photographer around my workspace).

It turns out that ICP is hosting and retrospective exhibit of the work of Elliot Erwitt in New York.  If all works out as planned, I might get to see it live when I go there in early August.  In light of this event The New York Times Lens section ran an interview done my Misha, Elliot’s son which I found very interesting.  For those of us considering making a living in the world of photography, I feel Elliot’s view on how he approached his long life work (more than seventy years), and how he remains engaged, as active and as prolific as ever a true inspiration.  I was glad to see that among the images selected for the interview, was  Felix, Gladys and Rover…

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