Talk to me about commitment!

I’ve always thought of my self as a very committed person.  Yesterday I witnessed a whole new level of commitment.  I was parking my car in the Montevideo boardwalk (rambla de Montevideo), and as I looked towards the water, about a hundred and fifty meters away I saw this distinctly yellow shield shining back at me.  KC (my dog) was going bananas wanting to run down to the water.  I knew I had to pick up my camera from the truck of the car.

The closer I got to him, the more amazed I was.  I approach him, and ask if I could photograph him.  Of course he said yes.  In hindsight who invests seven painful hours to make this huge tattoo and not want to share it, right?  If you are not from Uruguay, perhaps there is some explaining to be done.  Peñarol is one of the two ‘big’ soccer clubs in Uruguay.  It draws, like in many other countries, a bunch of loyal fans.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen plenty of people tattoo their favorite team before, but the sheer size and the message it’s quite something in it self.  I love Montevideo (Uruguay)… it’s full of this very special characters.  Until the next one and thanks for dropping by.

Walter in la rambla de Montevideo.

In case you could not read it well, here is a closeup, ‘Walter el eterno agradecido.  100% manya.  Amigos para siempre’ (Walter the eternally gratefull, 100% manya (meaning a Peñarol soccer team fan).  Friends for ever’.

Ps. Thanks Walter for the opportunity to photograph you… you made my day!  BTW, a reminder to never leave home without your camera…