Socialite… the common thread!

As I continue to look at my work and focus on the kind of images I have been publishing under the ‘social’ subject, the thread becomes all that much clearer.  The situation repeats it self over and over.  I (or most of the time we, Clara and I) get invited to some sort of social gathering.  Adults are doing what they do (mostly talk, eat and drink), and kids are running around.  Consistently I find my self somewhere in between these two worlds, and just like the kids that abruptly come in and out as they ran by, I too randomly burst in with a comment and promptly refocus my attention on the outer world.

Until now, I was under the impression that I was not present, and yet as I looked at this image, I realized quite the opposite… perhaps I am actually very present, awake and alert.  Otherwise, how would I notice the subtle but significant moments that are taking place right before my eyes.  I observed as well, that as much as I am photographing, I am listening, a form of communication rarely practiced in my adult world.

Maybe these are just my excuses to continue to connect to the world through the lens of my camera.  Thanks for taking the time to come and visit.  Until soon…  Martin.

Daytrip to Punta del Este to La Carolina with Veroca, Ken, Alex, Leah and Clara. (Martin Herrera Soler)

These are mine! Leah marking her territory and defiantly looking at her mom.