Featured in Leica Fotografie International – LFI.

I was browsing LFI (the independent Leica magazine) ‘mastershots’ for the Leica M9 category, in my iPad when I came across one of my Havana, Cuba images.  I was very excited to see that it had gotten selected, along a set of wonderful images from other photographers.  The mastershots images are submitted by readers and selected by the magazine editors.  It’s pretty exciting, since I am quite new to the whole rangefinder experience.  Just wanted to share the good news and thanks for stopping by…  Martin.

Images of Old Havana, Cuba. ..Bote to Regla.  Right across the bay, facing the Old Havana port, it's the fishermen town of Regla.  There is a very simple boat that crosses people over several times per day.  It's an opportunity to experience a more 'local' and genuine Cuba, further from the tourists and it's innate infrastructure. (Martin Herrera Soler/Martin Herrera)