Social limitations…

Over the past few months, I have taken upon me to go back, revisit and in many cases reprocess my images.  It’s been a very interesting process for varied reasons; perhaps the most significant being the possibility to re-conceptualize my work and group it into more natural and meaningful categories (btw, I love categories!).

Even though I have a sense of purpose when I shoot, I have not been able (so far) to really work on a project centric approach, at least in an explicit and proactive way.  I’ve always had the sense that one day I would look into my work, and out of no where, a clear, inspiring and relevant project would emerge.  Even though I cannot really say this ‘revisitation’ has achieved this goal, I have at least looked at my work in a different ‘light’, and found some sense of coherence into what I’ve been shooting over the past few years.  I’ll be sharing more about this, and how I am thinking about my work on future posts.

This image is part of a series that for the time being it’s called ‘socialite‘.  In this introspective and retrospective search, I have become aware of how my social abilities, meaning my willingness to spend time with people, to get together and talk, has been in a sharp decline.   I am not sure what has changed.  Perhaps I never was that social?  My father’s side family seems to think so (perhaps in comparison to them?).  Maybe it has something to do with living with Clara… is it that her endless need to socialize has made me look ‘pale’ in comparison?  Or is it simply that as I age, and I mature (?), I have become less inclined to socialize?

The recent arrival of photography into my life (I’ve been shooting since 2004), has become the perfect excuse to withdraw in the few and scarcer social gatherings of my life.  It’s not that I don’t participate at all, but since my camera it’s always with me, when adults are doing ‘their thing’ (talking and so…), I take out my camera and document what’s taking place, mostly with the theirs kids that  tend to always be around.  I do listen, and every now and then I put the camera down and actively participate.  But for the most part, it’s like the camera works as a buffer, it stands between me and the rest of the ‘outer world’.  I hope this outburst of truth does not offend any of my friends or family, who I love dearly (I doubt that they do not notice it!).

This image was captured during a birthday party for a dear friend’s son.  It was in one of those spaces created in recent history for kids to celebrate birthdays.  Justina was looking through the window from the room where the adults were gathered, into an internal patio, while a dedicated staff entertained and somehow managed to keep seating down a quite large group of kids.

Cumple de 9 de Mari?a Naor. (Martin Herrera Soler/Martin Herrera)