Guatemala Photography Workshops

I recently spent a week in Guatemala, visiting Antigua. I was impressed beyond my already high expectations. The town is very well maintained, with beautiful architecture and very well prepared to host visitors with all traveling budgets and looking for the most diverse experiences. People are fantastic, and there is still a well preserved culture that it’s very worth photographing.

Guatemala, Antigua (Latin America) – Images by Martin Herrera

I was there working with my friend Julia Dean and Brandon, helping them produce a series of workshops that they will hold next February in Antigua. In a nutshell, the Julia Dean Photo Workshops will be opening it’s doors in Antigua, Guatemala for a week, with four concurrent classes.

If you are considering a photography workshop, I strongly recommend you consider this. Not only Julia has vast experience, delivering over 170 workshops per year out of Venice, California, but she also knows Guatemala inside out, as well as having hosted over twenty travel workshops all around the globe.

If you are interested, check out more information on her upcoming photography workshop in Guatemala, Antigua.