Por dos galletas [for two crackers]… [Updated]

[Updated: October 7th, 2011] In reviewing the site I noticed I had not uploaded a more recent version of my favorite of these three images.  It was made using Nik’s Silver Efex Pro.  I’ve grown to really love this image.  There is something that I quite cannot pin point, but that I love about this image.

Por dos galletas (for two crackers)

You can see more of my documentary and street photography work here.

I was waiting in the corner (inside my car) at the red light, when these two kids approached me. They were clearly commingup from the beach, shirtless with a beach ball. I took a 3 exposures, and then they saw I had some coins right by the shift. When I gave them 10 Uruguayan Pesos each (1 USD), they both immediately and in synch said ‘wow… two crackers each’ (fa!.. dos galletas para cada uno).

These images were shot with a Leica rangefinder.  I have recently got into this whole new world, of more thought out, old fashion photography.  I have struggled catching the moment, but as I familiarize myself and get more intimate with this was of shooting, I continue to fall deeper and deeper in love with it.

Street photography with a Leica M8 in Montevideo, Uruguay.