SEO and the business of photography…

La Melaza, candombe en Uruguay. Ensayo de Enero 4, 2009. – Images by Martin Herrera

I’ve come across what I consider a jewel of photography and business in the modern age. The people from Photoshelter have but together and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) cookbook, that walks you through pretty much everything you need to know about how to drive traffic and business to your site.

Many people think that being optimized for search it’s about typing your name in google and having your site show up in the first page of the google search results. Yet, what SEO is really all about, is to get unsolicited traffic to your site of qualified potential customers that are interested in what ever is you are trying to offer (perhaps it’s fine art, or documentary assignments, etc.).

Having a business background, I found this to be very well developed, accessible and incredibly valuable. You DO NOT need to be subscribed to Photoshelter’s service to have access to this information, and it’s as valuable for your current site.

The SEO Cookbook for Photographers and additional resources it’s available here. Hope this helps and have fun…

Martin Herrera |
Documentary, editorial and travel photography assignments in South America