While my ‘eyes’ are still fresh…

This time I don’t have a picture to go along with this story, I wish I did. So technically, I guess the ‘eyes’ portion of the title it’s not accurate. In any case, here is the story…

So we are having lunch with my mom and Clara, when we get a call from the security company that monitors our home. It turns out that the alarm was triggered in zone 6 (that’s the kitchen – consider this insider information). We have given a key from the outside door, so when ever the alarm sounds, they can come in and monitor the situation.

Something was different today. Supposedly the key was not working. Over increased annoyance from our side, given repeated inconclusive dialogues, I decided to take the car and come over to personally inspect the situation.

After a few minutes I was home, and there was the little truck with the two front doors and the back door fully open, in what at first seemed like an action film display. In the background the home alarm sound blasting full force to complete the whole action setup.

They had finally managed to get in. So after we went in again, together, he proceeded to clarify the situation, and the inability to open the door at first. It turns out that the security station wagon had been hit in a recent car accident a few days ago, and in the process it had rolled over. The keys from all the houses in the area had all fallen from their mounted arrangement in the wall in the back part of the truck, thus getting all mixed-up.

I guess no one had thought about assigning some sort of code to the key so they would not get mixed-up in this extreme situation like a car rolled over accident.

I absolute awe, I asked how were they planning to sort out this mess. The security guard, as if my question barely made any sense explained to me… ‘Oh, it’s not that bad. As we get new calls from new houses, with some trial and error we end-up figuring out which key belongs to which house…’.

I figured I had to share this. It gives you a insight into the culture of this country. Until the next time…

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