While my eyes are still fresh… bay watch!



Photo: Lifeguard in playa Carrasco in Montevideo.  By: Martin Herrera Soler. 

I guess this post will make more sense for those of you Californians that have had the chance to witness the blazing yellow trucks through the sandy beaches of Santa Monica and along the coast. For those of you who while surfing or resting in the beach, have seen the ever muscular, sculpted and perfectly tanned bodies of the life guards, wearing their red bathing-suits… Or perhaps it will make sense for those of you, who like me, grew watching Bay Watch, and just like Chandler and Joey (Friends!) were mesmerized by the voluptuous body of Pamela Anderson as she diligently ran to save somebody’s life in the shore.

Well, if you are venturing to surf (when ever there are waves) or simply bathed in the Montevideo waters, you are to be advised that your life will be protected, but by our much less ‘sophisticated’ – should I say? – lifeguard.