There is something about living in a beach town…

Photo: Carrasco beach at sunset during the first summer days.  Shot with a Leica D-Lux3.  By: Martin Herrera Soler. 

It’s summer down here… and the past few weeks have gotten me thinking about the social implications of living in a beach town. Every day as I head out to work, or on my way back, I drive along the coast, and get to see the beaches full of people. The kids are playing and parents are simply relaxing and having a great time. It’s quite a privilege that ‘regular’ cities simply don’t have.

In Uruguay, during the first month of summer (January), most high and middle class families tend to leave town and go further east to summer towns. As they do, lower income class families take the busses down to the most affluent neighborhoods along the coast and make good use of the beaches. All along the coast, from Ramirez to Carrasco, people crawl out of overflowing busses to spend a day in the beach. It’s great to live in a place that offers let’s say a more ‘democratic’ access to entertainment!

Clara, KC and I have done just that… every afternoon that I can I just go down and play in the water. It also makes for quite unique photo opportunities.