Maldonado – Ruta 12.

Ruta 12 on the Way out of Pueblo Eden, Maldonado. (Martin Herrera)

Photo: Ruta 12 in Maldonado, the east area of the country.  By: Martin Herrera Soler.  

As the warm weather comes south, I’ve been taking more trips around Uruguay. This last time, I drove along many minor routes that I had never traveled before. Ruta 12, heads-up North from Punta Ballenas (very close to Punta del Este) and gets to Minas. About 13 kms north of Ruta 9, there is this magical place called Pueblo Eden. No more than 40 people, that right forty, live in this beautiful place. I’ll be going some more soon, so you can expect more images. In the meantime I leave you with some images from right outside the town at sunset. Perhaps I have not mentioned this before, but Uruguay has some of the most amazing skies I have ever seen. Ruta 12, Maldonado, right outside Pueblo Eden.

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