What I miss… the LA’s yoga community and more…

I have been lately spending some time looking at my photo archive, and processing many images from late last year, as well as early this year, before our move to South America. And as I went through them, I came across a few images I took at a Kirtan last January in Exhale (Santa Monica, CA). It was so sweet to re-connect with the energy and the feelings of being in a Kirtan.

This is something I really miss about LA. Having a kirtan every week, being close to the LA yoga community, nurturing from the wonderful energy of it’s members, and taking pictures while I chanted in total trance. I am happy that a lot of my work before leaving LA was very related to the yoga community.

On a perhaps less elevated level, I miss the food like crazy. Who would have said that I would grow such a dependency with Trader Joe’s? Before moving to LA, I remember reading a post on the web, of a person who after moving out of state, decided to return to California, because he could not take being apart from Trader Joe’s… I dismissed it as just another eccentricity of a ‘california dude’. Yet, I have to say that perhaps I am not as close to leaving everything behind here down south, but I sure miss the great food.

On nutrition related topics (or perhaps social), I miss a lot the cool places to eat in west LA. Don’t get me wrong. You can eat well in Montevideo (certainly not a great variety on the healthier side, not to mention on the veggie side); but what this place does NOT have, is breakfast places. I miss so much our neighborhood’s cafes. For whatever the reason, that I have just not figured out yet, people do not go out for breakfast in here… and the places there are, lack any kind of individuality, charm or creativity in their food offer of feel for the place. Long live Zabbie’s and Cafe Bolivar! 🙂

Well, I’ll head down to the kitchen to deal with my need for some nurturing food!