He can really act!

I am not sure if I told you this, but not long before leaving LA, we took KC to a talent agent. Yes I know… but can you blame us for wanting to try the California dream of having a son who all of a sudden is discovered by a famous director or producer and we live happily ever after managing his money? Before you answer this question, take into consideration that he was way over budget at the time.

Just in case you are interested, even though the session went well, KC needed more training for the stellar role we hoped he would get.

In any case, in a much more modest contest, KC proved to be a hell of an actor. With his tilted head and raised eyebrows, he managed to convinced mom (that being Clara, the more strict and disciplinary of his parents) that the cold weather of uruguay demanded for drastic measures… as you can see below, not only Clara has allowed him into the couch, but she has proudly photographed him….