KC’s case of insomnia.

I have not had much time to blog about KC since we got to Uruguay. Since the move I have not shot much work, yet I continue to find inspiration (thank God) at home, where I spend a lot of time besides work. As always, a good part of my in house photo work revolves around KC.

Many things have changed for him since we moved. For starters, he has a much bigger garden. Not that he really knows what to do with it; he spends most of his time inside right next to us. Even though in LA we had grown to the point where he was more independent and would go outside on his own, since we got here, he has been very attached. The moment one of us gets up, he does so as well and will follow you to make sure you don’t leave him behind.

Another difference for him, has been the fact that we totally changed his diet. Dog food in Uruguay has not come along as much as in the US, where you get kibble that is organic, and with a minimum share of grain, which dogs have a really hard time digesting. The best we found in here, has as the main ingredient corn, which is obviously cheaper than animal based protein. So KC has gone raw! I will post a video some time later about his first uncooked chicken. He was totally puzzled and took quite a while to figure out what to do with it. Now a days he chews and triturates bones like he’s eating mash potatoes.

Another thing that has been a big change for him, has been that he is starting to stay alone at home, something I resisted all throughout the year a half that we had him in LA. Clara and I working from home, and having my mom, Bill and their dogs just five minutes away was the perfect excuse for me to not confront leaving him alone. I say ‘confront’ because I realize that I have a harder time leaving him than he does staying alone, to the point that I have realized what a big learning opportunity it is for me to deal with my abandonment issues…

But one thing has remained constant. As evidenced by the images below, KC continues to have a hard time sleeping. We have not been able to find a way to make him sleep comfortably…

KC is showing clear signs of insomnia!

Oh, by the way. Since he was welcomed-bitten by the doggie gangsters of the neighborhood, in order to compensate for the emotional distress, we allowed him to sleep in the bed for almost 3 weeks. After this period, not only was he feeling much better, but he had also managed to feel comfortable enough to expand his presence from a tiny corner of the bed, to almost half of it, leaving Clara and I in a full size bed curled-up in the top half. You can see him in action below.