In the search of the elusive ‘project’…

It’s been a long time since I las posted in the Projects section of my site. Partly, because I have not been doing much work lately; at least not in the form of a ‘project’. To a certain extent I continue to struggle with the whole notion of conceptualizing and defining a ‘project’.

It’s been my intention all along to use this section of my site, as an open space where I ‘let you peak into the insights of my creative process’. Why? Because I would love to be able to do the same with other artists and photographers. Because as much as I have been able to learn in these past few years, I still urge access to this dimension of the creative work, and find it very difficult to find other colleagues to openly share this with me… so hopefully this will to a certain extend help others in the same process I am… and perhaps, in openly acknowledging it and writing about it, I will find a way through.

If you have been in any way following my work and this site, you probably know we (Clara, KC and I) have moved to Uruguay (more on this by clicking here). Even though the decision to do so goes well beyond my photographic work, and has a profound base in our family life project, there has been all along for me, the idea to re-connect to Uruguay. For the past 8 years I have lived abroad, and in the process I realized that I hardly know my country; that I really have a very limited understanding of this wonderful place and it’s people.

So I have this idea (and illusion) that perhaps this elusive project notion will come together this time around. But I am almost certain it will not manifest as all my ‘other projects’ have in the past. It will most certainly not be the result of thinking, of conceptualizing and writing it down in a piece of paper.

Perhaps I am being naive, but lately I have this feeling that I just have to go out and shoot, and that one day, as I browse through my ever growing collection of images, just like one of those magical drawings that become 3D and pop-out at you when you look at them in a certain way, or from a certain angle, just like that the project will raise and become clear in my mind.

So for the time being, I continue the journey of practicing patience and trust (what I coincidence!) as I start heading out to discover not the place where I was born, but the place where I feel most connected to. I intend to take frequent short trips through different parts of the country with my motorcycle, and in this process get to know and connect with the place and the people.

Uruguay is a magical place to do photography… I leave you with a recent image from the ‘Llamadas de Otoño’ (autumn street festival where the carnival comparsas go out and perform fully dressed one last time before they retreat until the carnival next March).

Llamadas de Otoño. Banderilleros displaying their magic against the setting sun.

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