Don’t be fooled by the 95…

As many if you know, we are moving back to Uruguay. From a photographic perspective, it is my intention to dedicate the next few years to document many aspects of Uruguay that really stand out to me as I go back an immerse again in society. This is something that I feel I have to do while I am still ‘fresh’ and while my eye it’s compelled to look for this aspects in daily life that in so many ways differ from what my life has looked like in the past years. Uruguay has many amazing and beautiful aspects of life as it used to be.

These to images are from my recent attempt to renew my Uruguayan documents. In all fairness, renewing the ID it’s a much more sophisticated process that it actually involves a computer. But in my case there seems to be an anomaly with my birth certificate. This meant that I had to go back to the Archive to retrieve it.

Don’t be fooled by the ’95’… it was about the only thing in this whole place that actually used electricity to operate. Yes, there was a computer in the desk, but as far as I was able to observe, it’s not used for any activity in any way related to the archival of such precious documents as your birth certificate.

The gentlemen asked me in which year I had registered it (not being my year of birth since I was actually born in Venezuela). He also asked if I remembered the ‘book number’ and ‘Acta’ (have no clue what this is in English) used to registered it. As you can imagine, I had no clue… I must have done this sometime in 1985.

After a dedicated search procedure involving all the files with my last name, and those similar to account for possible human filing error, it was determined that my birth certificate was not available. Options… well, not many. Perhaps registered it again? I’ll let you know when I am back…

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