Some things make it real… Kalamata hits the road and Matilda is looking for a new home!

In my short 37 years of life, this coming relocation to Uruguay will be my 7th major move (involving changing countries). And in this process, among the many things I have learned about moving and myself, one is really very present lately. And that is that as I go through the motion of preparing, packing and moving, pretty much as if nothing was happening, there comes a point in which something makes it real… very real!

When I left Uruguay and moved to Chile, that time was when I left my plants at a friends house (some of my friends are still frustrated that they were not able to pull a tear out of me and the plants did!). Well, this time it was parting from the Kalamata!

Beyond my profound relationship with him (I know this might sound absurd to some, but it is not to me), he has been really my partner since day one in the US (literally). I landed in Miami International at 5.45am on Dec 31st, 2000. By 4.00 pm the Kalamata (who really got this name only after Clara became part of my life, and so did her obsessions of naming precious things in our lives) and I were driving the freeways of Miami. Since then we have crossed the US from one end to the other, driven the roads of California, been in the snow… you name it!

I will miss him dearly, and so will Matilda (remember her, the sheep that travels with him). She is looking for a new place (more on that in the coming days). He is probably wondering the streets of Fresno with his cool new partner, a 16 year old girl that just got her license. I am sure he is still getting used to the new musical taste hitting his powerful speakers, and to the crowd of loud girls that don’t stop wondering in this cute car.

As Clara and I delivered the car to the Buzz (the father of the owner to be), we could not stop ourselves from sharing some advice passed on to me by my grandfather… I had to be discrete, but I did let him know… ‘You know, one of the best features of this car, is how softly the doors close’, as I gently pushed the door and closed it. In a sign of gratitude the Kalamata smiled even more than he usually does and winked his left headlight at me.

Happy and safe travelings Kalamata! Clara, KC and I will always remember you!