So… why change the website?

Well, the truth is that a lot has changed since first saw the light of day in early 2006. Back then I was looking for a place to share a hobby with friends and family. I was exploring and to a certain extent, challening my photography to stand the test of being shown.

As I said before, a lot has happened since then. My hobbie continues to grow, and there are now days where I feel that this could be it; days in which the voice inside urges to speak through the lens of my camera; and days in which all starts to make sense.

So this version of my site (v2.5 for those who care to know the inner details) incorporates many new features intended to support the vision of my photography.

First, I incorporated a ‘News’ section that you will always see on the right hand side of the site. The idea behind it, is to be able to have a more intimate interaction with you, the visitor, and through this, guide you to different areas of the site to share what’s new, what I am working on, the story behind the projects or simply new images that I have produced recently.

Along with the News, I added a ‘Projects’ blog. This time around, I hope to be more consistent and effective in sharing ongoing work and engaging the community. I also intend to share some of the ‘behind the scenes’ of the images I create.

The e-Cards have also been improved. You provided feedback regarding the the readability of the interface, and you will notice on this version, mayor improvemnts all around in the size and clarity of the text.

Finally, a new backend support to host my photography has been added. This will allow me to provide private galleries for my assignment work (something I have been doing more lately), and also the possibility to sell my work directly online, both in the form of stock photography and fine art prints.

Thanks for taking the time to visit and you are always welcome!