Another time around… [Updated]

[Updated] Much has changed since my first photography projects attempts in early 2007.  It actually took me much, much longer to come around and be able to conceptualize, fund, produce, edit, post-process and share a ‘real’ project.  It’s perhaps my biggest milestone since I first picked up my camera in 2004.  The road ahead is long and full of growth and learning opportunities.  But in the meantime I can enjoy the progress so far.  It’s only in mid 2012 that I organized my website around projects because I had at least one to share.  You can see all my photography projects in here.  [Jun 2012].

Thank you for visiting the Projects section. This area of my website is intended to provide you with an inside look at the projects that I am currently working on or have worked in the past. My intention in doing so is to open a space for you to co-participate in my creative process and for me to leverage the ‘collective’ wisdom.

I am not sure how this will evolve in this re-encarnation. But remember, you are witnessing work as it happens! As I start to shoot; as I approach the topic through the view finder, I might find a different way to look at it, and angle that awakens a whole new passion, or even get disenchanted and move on to something new.

I will share the things that inspire me, that moved me, as well as those that frustrate me. This blog is the vehicle I have chosen to share the ‘unseen’ part of my work, an intimate part of my work; the flip-side to the images that I create, how I feel when I am preparing a project or when I am actually working on it.

If you are now watching this, you are warmly welcomed to participate, in any way you choose to. Perhaps it’s by simply looking at my work and sharing it with others; perhaps it’s by sharing your views through an e-mail or the blog. Any way you choose to, I want to hear your point of view or know about your stories, facts or perspectives that might provide a new insight into the topic.

Feel free to browse through and treat yourself… Thanks again for visiting and you are always welcome.