If feels good!

Over the past 2 years, the understanding and appreciation of what’s going on with the environment has been growing for me.

At first, even though interested, I was unable to connect to the point of really making different choices for myself. When Clara and I started dating, she would come home and silently suffer due to my lack of recycling. For me, in all honesty, in such a small house having 2 containers and taking two bags out was too much of a hasle.

As I look back, it might even sound ridiculous, but I think it’s important for those working to generate awareness, to remeber where they come from. I certainly do, and in doing so, hope to have a more realistic, empathetic relationship to those who just recently have started to awaken to the realities of the environement.

So, if you are one of those, just starting to think and worry about it, my number one suggestion is, start by your self. Beyond anything else that can be done at so many levels (government, policy, etc.), ultimately the most concrete action we can all take it’s our choices.

Today my choice reflect more than I could have ever imaged I would do just six months ago. The environment has grown in me, and today, to take more time to line dry instead of using the drying machine, it actually feels good! Today I made a decision to start offsetting my travel carbon emissions… and it also feels good. I offsetted my last trip to Uruguay, and my driving trip to San Diego tomorrow.

Don’t dispair… once you get into it, it’s much easier to choose differently. And it really feels good!

Reference: If you want to off-set carbon emissions, check http://www.nativeenergy.com/.