The power of completion…

It’s crazy to realize that the last time I posted in this blog, was over a year ago… And I cannot really blame it on lack of time.

Today I processed the 1233 images I took on my long trip to Brazil during may of last year. I am not the type that tends to procrastinate. On the contrary, I usually have to slow my self down to not fall naturally in the overdoer mode. Yet, for waht ever the reason (which I will not speculate today), I had not had the energy to deal with these images.

Today, and after several afternoons of work, I have reviewed, discarted, processed and clasified all the images. Beyond anything else, the highlight is the amount of availabel energy that I have now. It’s like the relationship with my photography has resurrected, and all of a sudden I am full of energy again.

Another reference point of the power of completion! 🙂

Stay around… I am updating lots of work on the comming 2 weeks and re-launching the site with some new funtionality that has just been uploaded. Have you checked the postcards? They are very cool! Soon you’ll have some of my best work to share with friends and loved ones.