Apple iPod… what’s the deal? The tale of a design frustrated PC user


[Updated] Looking back as I review and clean my blog, I can trace my ‘apple addiction’ back to this gorgeous device that I first saw in the New York Airport on my way to Paris.  Who would have thought that this would lead to several Macbook Pro’s, one Mac Pro, one Macbook, all the iPhones, a few iPods and two iPads…

I recently spent a few days in Boston and New York, and there was where it struck me… these guys are back. After giving it some thought, I have come to the conclusion that they are sneaking back into success.


What first caught my attention was the incredible number of people that walked around using an iPod, either in a very practical way – for example inside a bag with the pair of white headphones coming out -, or even more, as some sort of fashion statement. Ultimately it was amazing to see that this little cute and sexy device is rapidly catching in to a very diverse variety of users. No matter the gender, age, racial or social background, you can find all well represented within the iPod community.


So all this hype got me thinking and reading. It’s really amazing how Apple and iTunes is redefining the music industry. There was a time when MTV was the way to success for a band to ever make it big. Nowadays you find successful bands that simply make it without ever being on MTV or even having a music video… they do it by making it to ‘the cover’ of iTunes. This kind of power paired with over 70% share in the players, it’s a powerful combination.


As if all this was not enough, a few days ago Apple released the Nano. I don’t think I have ever seen a technology device as nice. I had the chance to hold one at the airport. On my way to Paris, after staring at a guy for over 5 minutes, he decided to extend some mercy and offer the player to me. He laughed when he saw my expression as I held it like some sort of divine encounter, and remarked ‘I hope you get to buy one’. This is really an astonishing little and well done player.


So why is it that it’s so hard for the ‘other side’ of the industry (meaning all but Apple) to create nice hardware? As much as I think about it, I cannot come to a cut clear conclusion. I am sure there is a market for well designed elegant hardware… I am willing to pay for it, so I am sure there are other as well. So why is it that it does not happen? If anyone out there has a theory, I look forward to hearing it.


In any case, will all these leadership and comeback of Apple translate in any way into the core business? Will their share suffer a significant increase? Will more people be willing to make the shift? Personally I am looking forward to the newly named Windows Vista (Longhorn) and the new generation of hardware with a mixed sense of hope and despair. I need an exciting new software as much as I long for a well designed PC. If it does not come, I am for the first time ever seriously considering the shift…


Martin Herrera Soler | Photographer |